Transforming the way your business works with technology.

At Total Calibration, we help organisations boost performance and profits by streamlining business processes and communications and rationalising and integrating software apps.  We work mostly within the Microsoft ecosystem and have unrivalled expertise with SharePoint and Office 365.   Whether you want to improve staff engagement, operational efficiency, product delivery, or customer experience; we work with the best enterprise technology to make it happen.  

information management

Our sweet spot is designing robust information management frameworks that grow with your business. Planning how information is created, shared, consumed, moved and protected across your business creates long-term efficiencies and scalability. 

compliance, quality and safety

Managing employee safety and meeting government and industry requirements for compliance, quality and safety is a priority for many organisations. Our automated platform reduces risk and enables you to standardise routine training and certification. 

business process.png


Our business intelligence solutions deliver greater accountable and transparency across your business. User-friendly dashboards provide access to real-time interactive reports and the ability to drill-down on analytics and business data for strategic planning and KPI tracking.


Automating routine processes saves time and money across a business. We create solutions tailored to the specific needs of an organisation; from small process-specific applications such as travel approvals and expense claims, through to entire line of business systems.