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Automating Security Application Underwriting for Built Construction.


Built is one of Australia’s largest privately-owned construction companies with over 1,000 employees across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and has built its reputation on being the industry’s most responsive, client-focused partner with a specialist team offering extensive corporate experience. 

From large-scale new builds to complex refurbishments and intricate fit-outs, Built innovates and challenges industry conventions. Its diverse capabilities ensure that its clients work with people with the right expertise for their project, regardless of the discipline, size or complexity.

Built's Challenges

Key Outcomes

“Working with Total Calibration on this project was seamless as they had the business and technical expertise to deliver a product that is easy to use and saves a huge amount of time.”

Chris Vella, Group Treasurer

Built’s Top 3 Features Of the Custom Low Code Solution

Seamless Automation

Eliminates manual processes, ensuring efficient securities regulation with a focus on precise data capture, boosting overall efficiency.

Predictive Insights

Real-time analytics integration offers predictions, proactively identifying and addressing maintenance requirements, maximising productivity.

Enhanced Reporting

Streamlined search and advanced reporting tools drive improved project accuracy, data transparency, and operational efficiency.

The Total Calibration Solution

Total Calibration, harnessing the power of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint and Power BI, created a custom low code solution for Built to tackle their distinct business challenges. Through a flawless integration of M365 SharePoint and Power BI, a secure and efficient solution was produced to automate the securities regulation, raising the bar for customised business applications.


Built, once bogged down by manual data synchronisation, turned to Total Calibration for a solution. Total Calibration introduced automated data capture, eliminating the need for manual Excel and Word processes. This seamless integration into Built’s analytics tool provided real-time predictive insights, preemptively identifying maintenance needs—enhancing search and reporting tools further streamlined operations. As a result, Built saw marked improvements in project precision, timely deliveries, and reduced operational costs. This collaboration underscored the transformative power of integrated automation in today’s construction industries.

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