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Leading the Way in Data Governance and Information Protection for content in Microsoft 365 and beyond.

Organisations lose an average of $4 million in revenue due to a single non-compliance event*

*Source: GlobalScape’s The True Cost of Compliance with Data Protection Regulations, 2022. 

Total Calibration is a leader and authority in the Microsoft Purview space, helping organisations meet their data governance and information protection requirements, especially in light of upcoming changes to the Australian Privacy Act. With over 20 years of experience working with SharePoint and content management solutions, and nearly 14 years of implementing information management and governance solutions, we bring unparalleled expertise to our clients.

Our Services

Information Protection

Sensitivity labels and AI-powered labeling help ensure sensitive content is protected via encryption which prevents unauthorised users from viewing content.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Automatically identify sensitive information types and prevent them from leaving the organisation. Ensure that only authorised personnel can share sensitive data, protecting against data breaches and leaks.

Records Management

Comply with legal obligations related to retention and disposal of content, including adherence to the Privacy Act, Fair Work Act, Health Act and the Aged Care Act with AI-powered automatic labelling.

Work from Home Solutions

Enable users to work from home on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices while ensuring that corporate data is protected and cannot be copied to USB or other personal drives.

Insider Risk Management

Identify and dynamically mitigate risks posed by internal threats, ensuring sensitive data is protected from insider breaches to safeguard your organisation.

Communication Compliance

Ensure that communications adhere to policies and regulations by blocking those that are in violtation to enforce proper usage and safeguard your organisation.

Standards Compliance Management

We can deploy relevant regulatory frameworks to help your your organisation monitor and remain compliant with evolving laws and standards.


We help you gather necessary information for legal cases, aiding in both defence and litigation efforts, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the process.

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