Case Studies

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Koomarri is a respected not-for-profit organisation with more than 60 years of operation in ACT and NSW. Koomarri’s business, community, accommodation, education, and training services support the disabled, helping them lead meaningful and productive lives. They provide assistance for more than 300 people and their families across Canberra and Southern NSW.

The Challenge

The passing of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) legislation in 2013 introduced changes to the way not-for-profit organisations like Koomarri received funding and reported on outcomes. Koomarri embarked on an ambitious three-year strategy to transition into the biggest social reform ever seen by the disability sector. This involved changing operations from a charitable welfare model to a social business model. It also meant that Koomarri required a new IT system to manage its client, business, and corporate services efficiently while ensuring reduced costs.

The Total Calibration Solution

Our experience with not-for-profit companies meant we quickly designed and built a private, cloud-based SharePoint 2013 test and production farm. Moving into the cloud resulted in higher uptimes and cost-efficiencies. We then customised a service delivery system application through Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It included SQL-hosted rostering and timesheet components which seamlessly integrated with Koomarri’s existing finance system. We even implemented a business intelligence platform to provide real-time reporting and tracking for KPI management.

Transitioning to NDIS regulations meant Koomarri needed more staff. Total Calibration installed Lanteria HR, a HRM system which worked in-sync with their Service Delivery System.

The service delivery system automated administrative tasks, benefiting customer service, employee engagement and productivity

The service delivery system also made shift allocation more efficient — matching the right employees with the right skills to the right clients

The business intelligence solution helped managers make better business decisions through access to overall business and employee performance

Other Key Benefits Included:

  • Increased efficiency across administration and finance teams
  • Increased efficiency in the reporting framework of a new scheme
  • Helped Koomarri stay compliant with strict industry regulations
  • Improved accessibility for remote employees through cloud-based apps


Campus Living Villages (CLV) is one of Australia’s largest student accommodation providers. They manage the global portfolio of 45,000 beds across four global regions located across Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

The Challenge

CLV wanted to move away from their over-reliance on email and site-based servers. They also needed a way to help staff quickly search relevant and up-to-date documents in order to speed up the check-in process.

The Total Calibration Solution

Our experienced, business-minded consultants swiftly realised all CLV needed was a corporate intranet and a centralised document management system. But, CLV’s massive database meant the project had to undergo several stages. First, our consultants organised a series of workshops with CLV’s key stakeholders to understand and identify information being created, consumed, and shared.

Total Calibration then developed an information management plan detailing how information would be organised, classified, and secured, to speed up key business processes. Then, we designed and built inter-connected “SharePoint farms”, connecting CLV’s various geographical locations through their servers. We then migrated all their databases into SharePoint and trained their staff on how to use this platform.

The centralised document management system helped staff quickly access relevant and up-to-date information

The corporate intranet allowed employees in all locations to collaborate, and access internal communications, policies, and vacancies on a single platform

The secure and efficient migration of CLV’s data into the cloud meant site-based servers could be removed, resulting in increased office-space

Other Key Benefits Included:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Reduced dependency on emails
  • Faster document retrieval


Built is one of Australia’s most dynamic construction, refurbishment, and fit-out companies. With over $1 billion in annual revenue, Built has nearly 800 employees and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth.

The Challenge

Built wanted an off-the-shelf comprehensive and customisable HR management solution that could adapt to their own internal processes. Built also needed to securely store sensitive data in on-premise servers to eliminate any security or ownership issues.

The Total Calibration Solution

We recommended Lanteria — a SharePoint-based HR management system — as the best solution for Built’s requirements. In addition to being a HR Information System, Lanteria is highly-secure, and safeguards private personnel data.

The solution was deployed in 3 functional stages: performance reviews; leave requests and approvals; and recruitment. It also included an extranet portal to accommodate external apps. All forms and processes were tailored to meet Built’s employee needs.

Employees can update their personal information via the online portal, freeing-up the HR team for more value-added activities

Greater ease of reporting and data management: with everything online, there is now a single source of truth for employee data

Branch offices can rely on accessible, standardised and, up-to-date HR reports across States

Other Key Benefits Included:

  • Reduced time required to provide ad hoc reports
  • Improved ratings of Built as an employer of choice
  • An online learning platform enabled employees to complete training courses at their own pace and automatically generated a record of learning.
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