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Elevating Aeromedical Care: LifeFlight's Digital Integration with Lanteria


LifeFlight Australia is a world leader in aeromedical care, with a core purpose to save lives and serve the community.

The rescue and retrieval service is bolstered by LifeFlight’s seamlessly coordinated suite of aviation and medical capabilities. LifeFlight’s Retrieval Medicine, Training Academy, Coordination Centre, Air Ambulance Repatriation and Engineering and Maintenance capabilities are integral to LifeFlight’s success in providing aeromedical services at home and internationally.

LifeFlight's Challenges

LifeFlight’s Software Requirements

...And How Lanteria Addressed Them

Lanteria became the candidate/employee centred HRMS with enhanced features for storage of employment documentation thereby making the operations easily compatible with ISO 9001:2015.

Various controls available in Lanteria allowed tighter controls on compliance with specific steps in the recruitment process. No significant milestones were missed, or critical reporting errors made since the launch.

“Total Calibration staff are very engaged and very keen to work on any project, no matter if it is big or small, easy or complicated. They love Lanteria HR and are always excited to improve it even further.”

Brendan Turgiev, Performance And Improvement Manager

LifeFlight’s Top 3 Features Of Lanteria


Great customisable features to align with our needs, fulfilling our requestions

Easy Integration

Works well with our other platforms via Power BI or available API.

Comprehensive HR Platform

Covers recruitment, learning, competency assessment, and performance reviews.

The Total Calibration Solution

Total Calibration provided LifeFlight with Lanteria, a comprehensive HRMS tailored to their unique needs. This digital solution transformed LifeFlight’s paper-based system into one that’s compliant with ISO 9001:2015. With enhanced documentation storage, robust recruitment controls, and seamless integration capabilities, LifeFlight saw significant efficiency improvements. This cloud-based solution is easily integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint, aligning perfectly with LifeFlight’s requirements.


The LifeFlight team was able to start a new service contract with a major government agency without increasing the headcount of its administrative department.

Lanteria became the engine for further efficiency improvement projects, such as the new Rostering system, etc.

LifeFlight is no longer reliant on the IP of individual employees to successfully run their daily operations.

Attrition of experienced key recruitment and workforce liaison staff is no longer a major threat to the seamless operations of our organisation.

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