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MSPs serving mid-market customers with Microsoft 365 face a plethora of day-to-day IT challenges. Managing data security, meeting SLAs, and controlling costs are just the beginning. While you’re focused on these challenges, your customers are under increasing pressure to prevent data leaks, protect against insider risks, and comply with an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, especially in relation to privacy and data governance. 

Specialist Services

Microsoft offers robust solutions to address these issues through Microsoft Purview, Syntex, and SharePoint. These tools provide powerful capabilities for data governance, content management, and information protection. However, effectively leveraging these solutions requires specialist, in-depth knowledge.

That’s where Total Calibration comes in. We are an MSP ally, not a competitor. We specialise in Microsoft SharePoint, Syntex, and Purview. We work closely with MSPs to design and implement solutions that address these challenges, with the option of providing ongoing support to your staff when needed.

Our Key Services

Data Loss Prevention

Help your customers protect sensitive data from breaches and ensure comprehensive loss prevention strategies to safeguard customer’s business information.

Information Protection

Implement sensitivity labels with encryption to secure  confidential information and prevent unauthorised access, regardless of where the content travels.

Compliance with Regulations

Help customers adhere to evolving legal and regulatory standards, ensuring their organisation stays compliant and avoids penalties.

Insider Threat Mitigation

Identify and mitigate risks posed by internal threats, safeguarding your customers from potential insider breaches.

Efficient Data Management

Optimise the lifecycle of your customer data from creation to disposal, ensuring efficient storage, access, and governance.

Improving User Adoption

Provide comprehensive training assets to your customers to ensure effective user adoption and utilisation of Microsoft 365 systems.

SharePoint Search Optimisation

Improve search results to help users to quickly locate current and authoritative content.

Rationalise Guest Access

Rapidly review and manage guest access across SharePoint and Teams to help prevent expensive security breaches and data leaks.


Rapidly clean-up redundant, obsolete and trivial content across SharePoint and Teams to optimise search results and reduce storage costs.

Auto Classification of
Documents and Records

Smart classification techniques for efficient retrieval and organisation.

Self-Service Workspace Provisioning

Drive user adoption with automated deployment of SharePoint & Teams Workspaces based on pre-approved templates. 

Automated Governance

Keep your SharePoint environment organised and manageable with automated policy enforcement and archiving. 

Controlled Documents

A central source for approved policies, procedures, forms and templates, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Records Mangement

Capture, retain and dispose of records in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

TRIM to SharePoint /
Microsoft 365 Migration

Seamlessly transition your existing TRIM setup to Microsoft’s premier platforms.

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