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Campus Living Villages: Global Integration with Intranet Excellence

Campus Living Villages

Campus Living Villages (CLV) is one of the world’s largest student accommodation providers. They manage the global portfolio of 40,000 beds across Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

The Challenge

CLV wanted to move away from their over-reliance on email and site-based servers. They also needed a way to help staff quickly locate current and authoritative up-to-date documents in order to speed up the check-in process.

The Total Calibration Solution

Our experienced, business-minded consultants swiftly realised all CLV needed was a corporate intranet and a centralised document management system. But, CLV’s massive database meant the project had to undergo several stages. First, our consultants organised a series of workshops with CLV’s key stakeholders to understand and identify information being created, consumed, and shared.

Total Calibration then developed an information management plan detailing how information would be organised, classified, and secured, to speed up key business processes. Then, we designed and implemented inter-connected SharePoint environments in Australia and the USA, connecting CLV’s various geographical locations. We then migrated all their databases into SharePoint and trained their staff on how to use this platform.

Other Key Benefits Included:

The centralised document management system helped staff quickly access relevant and up-to-date information

The SharePoint intranet allowed employees in all locations to collaborate, and access internal communications, policies, and vacancies on a single platform

The secure and efficient migration of CLV’s data into the cloud meant site-based servers could be removed, resulting in increased office-space

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