Optimising SharePoint Search for Enhanced Efficiency

Optimising SharePoint Search for Enhanced Efficiency and Improved Collaboration

Poor data quality costs organisations an average $12.9 million every year and hinders their digital transformation.

Source: Gartner’s How to Improve Your Data Quality, 2021

Organisations are grappling with increasing data volumes, necessitating swift and precise search functionalities. As these challenges rise, so do the possibilities they offer: to reinvent, to innovate, and to optimise. 

Enter Total Calibration, Our SharePoint Search Optimisation service transforms these challenges into growth vectors, leveraging SharePoint’s features to their utmost potential. From effective document management to fostering collaboration, our offerings are designed to empower businesses.

Automation in Action: 12 Ways HR Leaders can Succeed with Automation

In the face of ongoing changes in the global workforce, HR automation has evolved from an optional luxury to an essential tool for achieving efficiency and compliance.

This eBook presents twelve use cases for HR process improvement that can kick-start your organisation’s automation journey. We hope you enjoy this ebook.

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