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Visit Victoria Case Study

Visit Victoria is the official tourism organisation for the Australian state of Victoria. They cover local events, offer travel recommendations, and help domestic and international visitors plan trips to discover everything Victoria has to offer.

The Challenge

Visit Victoria needed new HR processes that would allow them to grow and leave paper forms in the past. While they had some existing automated processes in place, they wanted to integrate tasks like employee onboarding, performance management, and recruitment into their preexisting Sharepoint platform.

The Total Calibration team discovered that Visit Victoria’s recruiting and onboarding processes were highly dependent on manual processes. They needed an automated structure to help them receive and review applications and to provide a clear workflow for each HR team member.

Visit Victoria also wanted to improve the employee experience for existing team members through standardised performance reviews and training. These processes were needed to ensure that the company met compliance requirements and could help their workforce grow.

In summary, Visit Victoria needed sound structures in place to offer a consistent experience for new and current employees. However, they definitely did not want a fully integrated solution that would interrupt their existing working processes.

The Total Calibration Solution

Our skilled, supportive consultants saw how Lanteria Human Resource Software could transform Visit Victoria’s HR experience. By designing easy-to-follow processes on the SharePoint platform that Visit Victoria employees were already comfortable with, our solution allowed their small HR team to accomplish substantially more in less time.

The Total Calibration team conducted a series of workshops with the Visit Victoria key stakeholders to better understand how their HR team operated. As a new business formed from three previous entities, managing their organisational structure was a top priority for Visit Victoria.

Total Calibration then created a series of automated processes and workflows within the SharePoint platform, which substantially improved Visit Victoria’s HR experience. To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, we also trained the Visit Victoria team to use the new procedures effectively.

“Total Calibration, with the Lanteria HR system, provided our new business of between 100 – 150 employees a cost-effective solution to greatly improve HR processes, reduce paperwork, and improve workflow,” says Visit Victoria’s Head of HR, Peter Davey. “Using Lanteria improved our employee experience (particularly for new hires) and gave us a platform to improve compliance, position management, performance management, and learning management.”

New recruiting workflows allowed Visit Victoria to significantly reduce their reliance on physical forms and have applications from their website feed directly into the Lanteria recruitment module. This process also automatically assigned applications to the correct HR team member for each step in the interview process.
Once a new hire joined the team, these workflows helped smooth the onboarding experience for both the employee and the HR team’s backend management.
Reimagined performance management and training processes allowed Visit Victoria to standardise yearly evaluation tasks while providing a better experience for existing employees.

Other Key Benefits Included:

  • Heightened employee engagement with consistent goal setting processes
  • Increased employee satisfaction with clear workflows to prevent task overlap
  • Reduced need for additional HR team members through cost-effective solutions

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