Shire of Murray

Shire of Murray

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Redefining Government HR: Shire of Murray's Seamless Integration with Lanteria

The Shire of Murray

The Shire of Murray, a local government organisation, sought a comprehensive revamp of their HPE CM, particularly in the HR department. Previously dependent on outdated systems like Excel, Word, and HPE CM for administration, our intervention provided a modern solution for streamlined operations. 

The Shire of Murray's Challenges

...And How Lanteria Addressed Them

Total Calibration played a vital role during the deployment of Lanteria HR. Their support team communicated clearly, without unnecessary jargon, and displayed a sound understanding of HR processes.

This knowledge allowed them to adapt the organisation’s old processes into Lanteria HR effectively, ensuring a seamless transition.

“I like that everything can be moulded to your needs and the user is able to do this without waiting for an external party to create the reports or workflows.”

Michelle Ucich, HR Officer

LifeFlight’s Top 3 Features Of Lanteria

Recruiting Module

Centralised platform for job postings, and onboarding. Customised workflows and reporting streamline recruitment efforts.

Report Centre

HR reporting solution. Deep data visualisation, KPIs for recruitment, development, performance and compensation.

Learning Module

Tailored learning approaches, managing catalogues, tracks plans, and assesses learning effectiveness. 

The Total Calibration Solution

Total Calibration provided a transformative solution to The Shire of Murray through Lanteria’s advanced Report Centre and Learning Module. The Report Centre presented an unparalleled platform for deep HR data visualisation, tracking, and custom report creation tailored to the unique needs of local government operations. Meanwhile, the Learning Module offered an expansive suite for managing learning catalogues, tracking plans, and evaluating learning strategies. This holistic approach ensured that The Shire of Murray transitioned from outdated systems to a streamlined, contemporary HR infrastructure tailored to their requirements.

"Total Calibration supported the Shire of Murray HR team through the implementation, and listened to our needs. If they didn’t have a solution, we worked together on achieving an outcome which worked for us.”


Post-implementation, the organisation experienced significant improvement in the processes previously reliant on Word or Excel.

The introduction of Lanteria HR solved the challenge of missing paperwork, especially in performance reviews. The recruitment module made searching for candidates in closed jobs simpler, and the learning module allowed the organisation to track employee learning and development effectively.

Quantitative results include a reduction in double handling and less reliance on physical paperwork.

Overall, Lanteria HR was a great help to the organisation. It streamlined their HR processes and made them much more efficient.

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