Manage Your Team in a Breeze with a SharePoint-based HR Management System

Manage Your Team in a Breeze with a SharePoint-based HR Management System

Managing the workforce has never been easier. Companies no longer have to rely on time-consuming manual processes and paper pushing to deal with Human Resource (HR) Management. Instead, they can use innovative new technology to streamline HR tasks and responsibilities. SharePoint is one shining example of how to create customised HR Management systems.

SharePoint-based solutions for HR Management

Microsoft's SharePoint is a content services platform that improves productivity and collaboration. It can integrate various department functions, track and report on business activities, streamline communication, keep employees informed, and analyse business data.

Gartner and Forrester Wave recognized SharePoint as the leading content services platform in 2017 and we’ve built our very own automated HR software on top of it. But what does that mean to your business specifically? Let’s take a look at the benefits that are universal to SharePoint-based systems like Lanteria HR.

Automate Processes and See Data Clearly

SharePoint-based HR Management Systems (HMS) like Lanteria HR make recording, storing, tracking, reviewing, and sharing data easier and more effective.

Most HR departments are bogged down by time-consuming and error-prone data sorting and entry. But SharePoint-based HMS automates the process of inputting, sorting and finding of data. This eliminates inconsistencies throughout HR-related employee documents, including leave management, training, recruitment, payroll, and employee record management.

An HMS also stores data in one centralised database that can be accessed from any internet-connected device, making it easy to work on the go and retrieve specific HR records.

What’s more, SharePoint-based HMS allows managers to create customised workflows and automated processes. For instance, you can accelerate long and tedious processes such as recruitment and onboarding by automatically uploading applicant data to a shared document and notifying stakeholders.

Integrate Systems

Human resources is notorious for operating in silos, each with its own database, managed by a different application system. There's a silo for recruitment, a silo for training, a silo for compensation and benefits, and so on. Each requires its own training and logins. This isn't cost-effective or time-efficient.

It may seem as though delegating different responsibilities to different people is smarter, but these silos make it much harder to share pertinent data. Since each silo has its own exclusive database, employee data within that company may have inconsistencies. These inconsistencies will slow down processes. Approaching HR this way is unnecessarily costly and can be simplified by integrating everything into one system managing one database.

Lanteria HR integrates these systems and silos into one platform so everyone has access to the same files. What you have is one umbrella system with one point of entry to manage all the different HR Management functions.

Communicate and Collaborate

Lanteria is a collaborative work environment, a single database and platform with multiple access points. It also offers several “modules” that connect employees and HR professionals

For example, Lanteria comes with a self-service portal where employees can update their profiles, access important company information, and share self-assessments and peer reviews. Managers can then track employee performance and use the Learning Management Module to deliver targeted training programmes to develop everyone’s skills. This is just one of the ways an HMS empowers employees to collaborate with HR professionals to foster value within an organization.

HR staff can even keep in touch with applicants through a career portal and new hires through an onboarding module.

From recruitment to performance management, Lanteria automates every essential HR process. It’s a vital platform for HR departments that want to be more efficient.

With Total Calibration, deploying and enabling Lanteria is easy. To find out how, visit Total Calibration or call (02) 8074 3563 today!

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