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Total Calibration is the No. 1 global reseller of Lanteria, offering collaborative and customisable HR solutions for your needs.

Get HR statistics, employee documents, and more through an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Companies apply SharePoint predominantly for HR management. Many choose SharePoint-based solutions and portals, such as Lanteria, to manage employee databases, store HR documents, automate onboarding, conduct performance evaluations, and monitor employee training.

Total Calibration customises Lanteria to your requirements. We’ll migrate your data from your old HR system and can even create a new database from scratch. In addition, we’ll maintain and upgrade the system round-the-clock and train your employees on how to use Lanteria effectively.

Why Lanteria HR?


Establish an encompassing hub for storing all essential employee records and crucial documentation securely.


Elevate workforce output by defining clear targets and optimising the performance evaluation process.


Strategically develop training, uphold essential standards, and consistently track vital employee certifications.


Streamline and automate hiring, ensuring the right candidates join your team promptly and effectively.

Lanteria HR Suite:
Streamline all your HR processes with five modules

Core HR

Automation in Action: 12 Ways HR Leaders can Succeed with Automation

In the face of ongoing changes in the global workforce, HR automation has evolved from an optional luxury to an essential tool for achieving efficiency and compliance.

This eBook presents twelve use cases for HR process improvement that can kick-start your organisation’s automation journey. We hope you enjoy this ebook.

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Managing people is complex. But Lanteria
has all the HR tools to streamline your tasks
in just a few clicks.

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