Time-consuming tasks HR personnel had to deal with before automation

Time-consuming tasks HR personnel had to deal with before automation

Human resources (HR) tasks have largely been document- and form-driven manual work. Advancements in computing, however, now allow HR professionals to utilise automation technology. But reducing time-consuming and repetitive tasks to a few simple steps is just one of HR automation’s advantages for business.

HR automation frees up HR staff from manual work so they can focus on more strategic activities that make the company stronger. It also streamlines the company’s communication system. For example, most alerts can be automated so that only those urgently needing human intervention are passed on to the proper personnel.

Finding and managing information such leaves and benefits is simplified and can be completed easily with a quick search.

Furthermore, with automation, HR personnel get more work done and substantially reduce errors that could otherwise result in legal issues. This gives them a greater sense of accomplishment and boosts their morale. In other words, automation simplifies key HR processes that significantly improve HR managers’ and personnel's workflow.


A basic payroll system requires collating data, such as employee names, pay rates, time accrued, and tax deductions. Manually collecting and organising these and other payroll data can be painfully slow but through automation, HR teams save time and reduce associated costs.

In addition, calculating payroll taxes manually can be an inconvenient, burdensome, and lengthy process. Automation allows HR to easily track and calculate the taxes the organisation owes after paying employees. This not only saves time but it also avoids costly mistakes.


Automating the timesheet approval process makes data collection and validation of employee work hours much faster. On the other hand, an automated digital system for tracking time spent at work also protects your company from the risks of human error, bias, and illegal tampering in timekeeping. What's more, this ensures you don't get tied up in litigation for mistakes.


HR personnel, managers, and candidates can gain a real-time view of the hiring process through desktop or mobile devices, which greatly expedites recruitment. With automation, hiring requests are processed without delay by facilitating smooth communication between managers in need of new staff and the hiring team. HR automation tools can eliminate the need to manually go through hundreds of applications. They can quickly scan applications for keywords and phrases, experience tags, education levels, and other preferred job requirements for the candidate review process.


Automating the onboarding process speeds up the integration of new employees by providing them with all the information they need about their roles, duties, and responsibilities, as well as key company information. It also prevents potential mix-ups in schedules and orientation assignments and gears new employees to be productive from day one.


Employee offboarding has multiple steps that can be simplified and streamlined, from the gathering and processing of the terminated employee’s documents to the return of equipment to cutting off pay and benefits.

Performance appraisal

With the help of automation, performance records can be systematically updated and validated faster and more efficiently. Automating this process will also clearly show how an employee is performing without error and bias by providing a more precise way of connecting benchmarks and competencies to an employee’s efforts. Managers can also quickly search through an employee database to get the complete picture of an employee’s performance.

Leave requests

Processing several leave requests at once is another time-consuming HR process that can lead to leave requests not being approved on time. HR automation speeds up this process while updating employee leave records instantly.

These are some of the processes that automation streamlines, making the work of HR professionals less mundane and more strategic. Want to learn more about HR automation and human resource management (HRM) systems? Propel your business forward by accelerating the processes that keep your business going. Empower your HR team by setting an appointment with us today.

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