The business benefits of having a custom mobile app

The business benefits of having a custom mobile app

Businesses contending with today’s modern digital environment have a common challenge — maximizing multiple channels as contact points for various potential customers. Businesses invest much time and money to establish an effective presence in each of these channels. A mobile app is one of those powerful channels, and here are some reasons your business should consider it.

Increase your profits

Using your mobile app, you can motivate your audience to purchase from you using promotions, discounts, and bonus push notifications. Send a special offer to customers within close proximity to one of your stores.

Given the size of the audience, profits can be significant. One way to encourage them to buy is to make it easy to pay using their mobile phones. People no longer want to spend time shopping at the store or standing in line for fast food, when the same items and services are on their smartphones.

Build relationships with customers

With your app on your customers’ devices, you can cement your relationships with them no matter where they are in the world. They won’t need your web address or to use a search engine to find you. Once your app is installed, you are in their information space.

And with your app working in tandem with your site, you can work on targeted initiatives to build their trust. Use your app in marketing campaigns to attract attention to your brand. You can also use it with other marketing tools such as news and press releases. Or use it to gain feedback from your customers through pools, surveys, and reports.

Optimize business processes

A mobile app can automate business tasks within your organisation. Create one solely for internal use, where your employees can use it to streamline communication and collaboration, monitor and manage processes, exchange files and data, and aggregate statistics. You’ll increase productivity by encouraging interaction and remote teamwork between employees.

Increase loyalty to your brand

Empowering your customers to easily purchase goods and enjoy services via your app yields greater loyalty to your brand. You can leverage and cultivate this by integrating loyalty programs into your mobile app to share advantageous promotions, discounts, and bonuses for your customers, including exclusive offers and bonuses to first-time users of the app.

Gather valuable analytics

Understanding your customers more deeply is one of the keys to success in any business niche. Your mobile app gathers users’ data — their geolocation, demographics, interests, and other stats. You can then analyse the data to gather insight such as which products customers enjoy the most, how much time they spend on the app, or which app functions are the most or the least popular. Tracking how people interact with your app will help you improve their experience of it, aiding your brand and services as well.

Gain a competitive advantage

Your company may be the first in its industry or market to start using a mobile app as a marketing and sales tool. This puts your organisation at an advantage by strengthening its position among your competitors. The following mobile functions can be applied to industry niches:

  • Customisable search for goods and services
  • Ticket booking
  • Interactive maps
  • Consultations and appointment bookings for specialists
  • Interactive price lists
  • Products and services information
  • Schedules
  • Online registration
  • Reviews

As a managed services provider, Total Calibration has the expertise to guide you through the right steps in mobile app development. We can also optimize your mobile app for business process automation, all while ensuring this tool abides by the strictest security protocols. Talk to us today.

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