Why Valo is the best intranet solution for your business

Why Valo is the best intranet solution for your business

Intranets are used by many companies to convey information and share data with other members of their network. While there are dozens of intranet software options available, choosing the right one can be a challenge, especially for those who are launching one for the first time. Are you looking for a better way to collaborate online? Or are you just done with logging into four different sites to oversee your staff’s schedules?

Once you gather your requirements, you’re still left with a crowded market of intranet solutions. Look into them all you want, but let us show you why only Valo Intranet can bring out the best in your company.

To begin with, Valo includes the most popular intranet features and creates a competitive edge by increasing your employees’ productivity and improving work satisfaction. Also, it is built on Microsoft’s recommended cloud add-in model, so Office 365 updates are always safe.

Not convinced yet? Here are 10 more reasons why Valo is the best intranet solution for your business:

1. It’s simple. Businesses love Valo for its intuitive and convenient features. No need to spend long hours on training or support. Valo intranet, also pegged as your intranet-in-a-box, is literally your go-to plug-and-play intranet.

2. Packed with features you need. Ever wasted money on something you didn’t really need in the first place? Not with Valo. With its core features, you’ll get all the capabilities you need, such as targeted news, your own social hub (because human relationships matter too!), blogs, and even videos. In addition, Valo is well-suited to your Office 365, which means you can instantly access your intranet using the app launcher.

3. Improved functionality. Because it’s well-designed and very user-friendly, everyone in the team can enjoy using Valo. Plus, it’s synced with SharePoint. No more switching to other document management software just to collaborate or share important updates.

4. It works across all devices. From the get-go, Valo was built with a responsive layout for mobile access. This means if you have employees on the go, they can still keep tabs on their workload, connect with other team members, and update clients.

5. Quick to deploy. Gone are the days when you’d have to hunch over lengthy, technical manuals. Valo is ready to go so you can start using it immediately. It only takes a week at the most to go live!

6. Won’t break the bank. Because the Valo license is a one-time purchase, you won’t have to worry about being bugged by monthly fees or worse, incessant prompts to upgrade to premium versions! If you want some add-ons, Valo offers decent discounts for takers.

7. Never get lost in translation. It’s a multilingual intranet that comes with 17 different languages, namely English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish, French, Italian, you name it!

8. Stays evergreen. No one wants to be left behind. Even the smallest businesses strive to catch up with the latest and the greatest. That’s what Valo intranet does. With its Valo Fresh subscription provision, your intranet will always be up to date. Because maintenance service includes free software upgrades, it guarantees compatibility and responsiveness to updates in SharePoint and Office 365 functionalities.

9. Welcome feedback. With Valo, you'll never feel like you’re just chasing the wind. They actually love feedback! With customers’ suggestions and ideas, Valo is able to release iterations four times a year. Every update comes with new features, bug fixes, and many more handy functionalities.

10. Technically strong and secure. Valo Intranet is a happy Microsoft partner, which means it’s based on Microsoft’s latest recommendations and fixes. With our teams working closely with the latest technologies of SharePoint and Office 365, Valo brings you to the front lines of intranet innovations.

So why choose Valo Intranet? Because it’s simply the best! Connect with Total Calibration now to align your intranet needs without the hassle of long walkthroughs. Our team will gladly work with you to augment your current infrastructure with the latest in intranet innovations.

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