Maximise your digital transformation ROI by customising a step-by-step technology guidance on this intuitive Digital Adoption Platform

Automate processes, minimise complexities and maximise the value of your digital assets.

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform or DAP — software that helps your staff and clients learn how to use any app, system, or platform efficiently without the need for in-person training. It overlays your existing technology without interfering with its settings or performance, then uses machine learning and analytics to provide predictive instruction, pop-up tips or real-time visual guidance just when your users need them.

With WalkMe properly installed and configured by Total Calibration, introducing new tools or features is easy, efficient and cost-effective. Your teams will become more productive, your clients will enjoy better experience and you’ll save on technology onboarding and support costs.

With WalkMe, your users don’t have to be tech-savvy to make the most out of your digital tools.

Benefits of WalkMe from Total Calibration:

  • Strategically placed, in-application guidance - that enables self-service and efficient learning for users
  • Intuitive instructions that improve user engagement and productivity, thanks to strategic insights from WalkMe’s built-in user behaviour analytics
  • Automation capability that delivers real-time, relevant information and improves compliance by guiding users to the next required step
  • Advanced analytics that gives management and IT department better visibility into your organisation’s digital adoption and room for improvement

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