Digital Adoption

Automate customised, real-time instructions to help your users make the most of your digital tools

Only 8% of Australian businesses are seeing results from their digital transformation.

It takes more than having cutting-edge IT solutions to stay competitive in today’s business world. Your staff must also know how to maximise your project management and business analytics tools, and your clients must enjoy using the apps and support portal you have invested in. Total Calibration’s WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform helps you achieve just that.

With WalkMe’s customised in-app instructions, visual tours and predictive guidance, your staff and customers learn how to ease into your new digital tools and features while they are using them, and at their own pace. Regardless of the complexities of your digital assets, Total Calibration can help implement WalkMe properly and create simple, effective instructions for different tools so your users can leverage them with no hassle.

Your IT investments mean nothing if your employees and customers are not leveraging your technology. Easily change that with WalkMe.

Benefits of Digital Adoption from Total Calibration:

  • Increased productivity, as your staff have simple and practical in-app guidance that captures their attention and helps them learn the ins and outs of your digital tools quickly
  • Improved training process and time to efficiency, as your new hires can get familiarized with your systems fast without the need of in-person training
  • Better user experience and client satisfaction, as your customers can easily navigate through your apps and portals with automated instructions
  • Massive cost savings, as you can cut down on training and support headcounts as well as communication costs

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