Automate, streamline, control, and manage collaboration in M365 for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and much more.

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Are you looking for a way to simplify and secure your Microsoft 365 environment? Do you want to optimise and automate provisioning of Teams and SharePoint workspaces for your organisation while enhancing data protection, and increasing user adoption? If so, we can help with our unique Governance and Adoption Service (GAS)powered by Orchestry.

Orchestry is a powerful platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you regain control over your Microsoft 365 tenant. It analyses your environment and provides you with intelligent recommendations on how to improve your security, reduce your storage costs, automate your day-to-day management, and boost your user engagement.

As a certified Orchestry partner who specialises in Information Management and Governance, Total Calibration is best positioned to help you get the most value out of this amazing solution.  We have the expertise and experience to help you implement, configure, and customise Orchestry to suit your specific needs and goals and can also help you reduce your Microsoft 365 storage and licensing costs by optimising your data management and eliminating unnecessary or redundant resources. Moreover, we can help you reduce risks and bolster compliance by ensuring that your data is protected and aligned with the best practices and standards.

Ready to see Orchestry in action?

Book your live demo today and discover how Orchestry can help you get your Microsoft 365 environment cleaned up and under control.  

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