7 Reasons Your Business Should Be on SharePoint

7 Reasons Your Business Should Be on SharePoint

With safe сollaboration being a major focus in the cloud-sharing industry today, the Microsoft SharePoint server has emerged as a top resource for businesses in all industries. Since 2001 SharePoint has been increasing its capabilities, creating a reputation as one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and secure business collaboration tools on the market.

The SharePoint platform includes SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server & SharePoint Workspace; below are the top reasons your business should adopt SharePoint:

1. It turns messy Post-it notes into organized Routines

Save time and effort by setting up workflows to automate tasks that you complete every day like approvals, document collaboration, issue tracking, etc. Set up these processes without coding or any technical background; SharePoint is designed to provide all users with a simple and smooth experience.

2. It keeps you in Check with Regulatory Requirements

Manage your security settings and ensure your business is operating in a safe and efficient environment. This ensures that all your employee and client information, along with any other sensitive data is within reach of those who need it, as well as out of reach from those who don’t.

3. Keep Everything in One Place

SharePoint allows your apps, portals, shared folders, etc. to be accessed from the same location. It’s built on an open, scalable architecture built with web support and inoperability standards. These along with other features allows the server to integrate with existing systems and flexibility to incorporate non-Microsoft applications as well.

4. Streamline your Business Processes

By sharing documents, creating workflows, and automating certain processes productivity throughout all levels of the organization are increased. Not only that but, items and tasks get followed up on, completed, and standards upheld.

5. Experience the Magic of Transparency

One of the biggest complaints' employees have is that they don’t know what other parts of the organization are doing, especially when it directly impacts their daily tasks. By allowing employees to access pertinent information to their job functions, with security restrictions appropriate for various job roles, your employees work together more seamlessly, because they understand their part in the bigger picture.

6. It’s Easy to Find Data

Give your users access to business data found in common line-of-business systems like Microsoft CRM through SharePoint. Users can also create personalized views and interactions with business systems through a browser by dragging configurable back-end connections. Enterprise-wide Managed Document Repositories help your organizations store and organize business documents in one central location.

7. Get the most out of your Content

Effectively manage and repurpose content through new library templates that are specifically designed to make tracking changes and finding the original version simple. Users can create content, schedule it for deployment and create workflows to get it approved.

Bonus: Empower Your Team to be their best

Collaboration and transparency naturally result in more informed employees, making better decisions leading to better results. When your team has all the resources they need to be successful, the productivity and overall health of the organization increases beyond measure.

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