Valo Teamwork

Optimise collaboration across the board by managing all team cooperation through a single dashboard

The more organised your cross-functional teams are, the better chances your company has at success.

One of the most common challenges modern businesses face is how to keep Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, and all the other different teams in sync with one another without losing pace with their core jobs. Built to augment Microsoft Teams and support any other third-party tools, Valo Teamwork is a one-stop dashboard that will help businesses take collaboration to the next level.

With Valo Teamwork, you’ll be able to easily view and manage your Outlook groups, define your own custom metadata, then customise your Teams, Group, and Site templates to meet specific business scenarios and automate all the processes behind them. Best of all, your team members don’t have to be Microsoft experts to enjoy these capabilities — Valo Teamwork is intuitive, user-friendly, and efficiency-enhancing.

With Valo Teamwork, you can manage your team collaboration more efficiently, while also making more out of your Microsoft investments. Need more information? Contact Total Calibration.

With Valo Teamwork, you’ll also enjoy:

  • A personalised dashboard for each user with direct access to their own Groups, Sites, and documents
  • Access control for external users
  • Pre-built, custom IT templates along with automated processes for Teams and SharePoint sites
  • Single sign-on capability, as everything is linked to Microsoft 365

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