Valo Extranet

Keep your shared resources safe and your external network up to date with your own secure and reliable extranet

The ability to stay connected and secure is the backbone of modern businesses’ success.

If you’re like many other growing companies, you are sharing tonnes of data and resources for business partnerships, and your stakeholders are also occupied by plenty more information on their feed. The most important question is how do you keep your shared resources secure from prying eyes, while keeping your business partners in the loop about your company’s important news and events? Valo Extranet has an answer to that.

Easy to set up and use, Valo Extranet lets you share any relevant data, resources, news, events, and more to business partners, customers, and resellers securely. Thanks to your own company-branded, invitation-only platform with creative content templates, there’ll be no more time-consuming design edits, redundant security checks, or countless mail-outs. With Valo Extranet from Total Calibration, staying connected and secure has never been easier.

Put an end to the stressful and resource-demanding task of manually keeping all your external stakeholders in the loop. Let Total Calibration help you with the installation and management of Valo Extranet, so you can put all that time and energy back into growing your business.

Valo Extranet also comes with all these benefits, and more:

  • Event calendar that users can easily pick to join
  • Fun and easy content templates
  • Easy navigation, thanks to an intuitive mega menu and search function
  • Custom features that let you add your company’s logo and colors
  • Integration with Valo Entrance so you can manage individual users or whole domains with just a few clicks

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