Valo Connect

Consolidate all your business applications on one single platform and supercharge your productivity

Ensure your staff can make the most out of your cutting-edge business software during their everyday routine.

Today, most modern organisations are using a list of Microsoft solutions, communication apps, industry-specific software, or even custom-built apps to maximise operational efficiency. But the key to achieving this also lies in ensuring employees know about these resources and can use them easily when they need to. Valo Connect is a customisable enterprise portal that helps resolve the issue by keeping all the tools an entire company needs in one place.

Valo Connect can be accessed and used through Microsoft Teams, from anywhere and on any internet-connected device. It’s compatible with any SharePoint page and is extremely customisable to suit the particular needs of your team. It also supports third-party applications and custom-built apps, allowing you to build your company’s very own digital workspace that truly has every tool your teams need.

Valo Connect keeps all the business tools your teams need under one roof and ensures they can always access them within a few clicks. Total Calibration will handle all the implementation and support so all you get is the benefits and none of the hassles.

With Valo Connect, you’ll also get:

  • Personalised user profiles to help your teams work together better
  • Powerful search capabilities that let you find and edit any file located in or outside of Teams easily
  • Tailored team tabs for enhanced corporate communications
  • Custom policies that let you use and deploy the app according to your own security settings

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