Valo Ideas

Optimise innovation through a powerful, practical ideation tool anyone in your company can utilise

Put the right tools in place to collect and develop your team’s ideas, so each and every one of your staff feels heard, and your business grows from insider innovation.

The most innovative and most practical initiatives don’t always come from the top. Often, they come from new hires or mid-level managers who have hands-on insights about particular aspects of your business. The key to leveraging such knowledge is to ensure your staff have a simple platform to help them easily share their ideas and make decisions together, and Valo Ideas will help you do just that.

Valo Ideas is an idea management tool that allows employees with any title from any location to easily voice their ideas, crowdsource for input, create idea campaigns, analyse the results, then execute the best ideas. It’s designed to work within Teams and with other third-party tools, so your staff can do all of these without ever leaving the platform they know.

Empower idea sharing, discussion, and innovation from any team member across the entire company with Valo Ideas. Talk to Total Calibration’s expert technicians about pricing, implementation, and ongoing support.

Valo Ideas also lets your teams:

  • Define whether the idea is to reach a specific channel or your entire company
  • Easily create idea campaigns to collect opinions and start a discussion
  • See trending ideas, topics, and contributions through analytics
  • Execute easier by making decisions based on the contributions on each idea

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