Valo Entrance

Keep your business moving forward efficiently with a reliable and effortless external user access management system

Leverage the right tool, get back the resources needed to manually scrutinise every access control, and put them into more growth-generating work.

Data breaches and other cyberattacks are undeniably among the most devastating threats to today’s business survival. But to meet demands in time and keep your business growing with new partners, you need to be able to collaborate on shared resources securely and efficiently. Valo Entrance, a simple and secure access management tool, is designed to help you do this easily.

Built to be used through Teams and to control access for any Microsoft 365 resource, Valo Entrance is ideal for businesses across the industries. It lets your users easily define access for individuals, grant privileged users access to specific information, and allows simple self-registration. The data is transparent and requires no coding, so anyone in your company can be an admin, helping keep your internal data secure and your business growing.

Easy accessibility doesn’t have to compromise security. If you are interested in a super secure yet simpler user access management tool, talk to Total Calibration. Our seasoned technicians will handle all the legwork, from implementation to management.

Valo Entrance also includes:

  • Azure AD Security that lets you automate many mundane tasks to save time
  • Instant access management that makes approving or removing permissions for external users a breeze
  • Admin-defined access units that let admins organise permissions the way that work best for them: whether by customer, by project, or by location
  • Branded invitation that gets sent to users after each successful registration

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