Upgrades & Migrations

Properly planned and fully supported processes to optimise or transfer to SharePoint

We guarantee risk-free data transfer, minimal downtime, and maximum efficiency.

SharePoint allows you to create individual websites for a project and add relevant employees to these websites. This promotes efficient information and content management, as all the files, images, and plans are available at one place at all times. Total Calibration has been working with SharePoint since its inception and have implemented the platform for many businesses across various industries.

Our team helps you move to SharePoint faster, with lower cost and minimum risk while using best practices. We also update your software and applications in the process, ensuring complete compatibility, and seamless transitioning, so you can reap all the benefits of SharePoint.

Rest assured knowing you’ve partnered with an expert who will ensure your upgrade or migration project is a success.

Our Upgrades & Migration Solution covers:

  • Planning - our experienced team will create a defined strategy that minimises downtime
  • Assessment - we’ll analyse your network to understand the scale of upgrade or migration
  • Configuration - we’ll make sure your new platforms and updated apps work correctly with your existing infrastructure
  • Management - we provide a dedicated project manager that ensures the upgrade or migration finishes on time and within budget

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