HR Automation

Automate everything from candidate evaluation and onboarding to leave and travel approvals, as well as employee feedback collection.

72% of HR professionals say the lack of automation hinders business success.

If routine paperwork and the increasing amount of documentation are overwhelming your HR department then Total Calibration has the solution. Use our HR software to automate employee onboarding, performance reviews and document organisation — without sacrificing quality. Automation also helps your HR department focus on objectives and develop strategies that boost employee morale and reduce costs — all while ensuring your organisation follows its long-term mission and vision.

Our automation makes time-consuming tasks like filling out paper forms, filing documents, creating new folders, and transferring documents a thing of the past.

Your Pathway to HR Process Optimisation: Our 8-Step Automation Framework

Process Analysis

Assess HR processes, identify bottlenecks and prioritise repetitive, time-consuming tasks for automation.

Tool Selection

Choose suitable HR automation tools considering usability, scalability, integration, and pricing.


Incorporate automation tools seamlessly into existing HR systems, ensuring minimal operational disruptions.

Process Redesign

Rethink HR processes to maximise automation benefits, adjusting roles, resources, and procedures.


Deploy automation tools, train HR staff, and establish support and feedback communication channels.

Monitoring & Optimisation

Track performance, analyse KPIs, and refine the automation framework using data-driven insights.

Change Management

Manage change effectively, address concerns, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Scalability & Growth

Evaluate long-term viability, update tools, and implement strategies to support future growth.

Automation in Action: 12 Ways HR Leaders can Succeed with Automation


With workplaces worldwide transforming how and where they work, HR automation has shifted from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’. Download our ebook to learn the top twelve HR Automation use cases.

HR Automation Services

HR Automation Advisory

Guidance on streamlining HR processes, leveraging technology to boost efficiency and reduce manual workload in human resources operations.

HR Automation Opportunity Analysis

Assessing potential for improvements via automation, and recommending suitable technology solutions in HR processes.

Dashboard Development/Analytics

Creating visually appealing, data-driven dashboards to analyse and track HR metrics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic insights.

HR Systems Integration

Seamlessly Connecting HR tools with other enterprise applications (payroll, ERP, time & attendance) to enhance data flow and system interoperability.

Workflow Development

Designing tailored, advanced workflows for HR processes, accommodating complex exceptions and approval requirements for optimal efficiency.

ATS (Application Tracking Service)

Comprehensive applicant management solution, automating job postings, candidate tracking, and resume search for efficient recruitment processes.

LMS Implementation

Setting up and integrating learning platforms, providing access to industry-leading content and supporting custom e-learning content development.

HR Automation Architecture Development

Designing and implementing a structured framework for HR automation, enabling streamlined processes and effective technology adoption.

Compliance Management Automation

Automating compliance tracking, ensuring employees maintain required certifications, and acknowledge updated policies and procedures.

Contract Generation Automation

Streamlining contract creation through automated data merging, approval workflows, and integration with e-signature platforms for seamless onboarding.

HR Software Personalisation

Customising HR software to align with customer branding, incorporating tailored visual elements and adapting to corporate terminology.

Asset Management Automation

Automating asset management to track, allocate, and maintain organisational resources, enhancing efficiency and accountability.

HR Systems Migration

Facilitating seamless transition from existing HR systems by accurately mapping and migrating data to new HR solutions.

Competency Management Automation

Digitising competency frameworks, automating assignment and assessment of competencies based on job roles for improved workforce development.

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