Business Intelligence

Get real-time business data through an intuitive dashboard and hit KPIs quicker

Eliminate the guesswork, sharpen your vision, and perfect your product with real-time data, on-demand.

Data drives businesses, and not using it to refine processes is akin to be being parked on the highway. Total Calibration helps you convert raw data into valuable insights to solve BI-related challenges, via an intuitive, mobile-optimised dashboard..

Your dashboard collects and organises data from multiple sources — such as your sales platform, employee timesheets, and email — while providing visuals that help you identify trends and resolve bottlenecks to reduce costs, streamline processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

From end to end solutions to individual aspects of business intelligence, our expert BI consultants can come up with solutions to meet your organisation's needs.

Benefits of our Business Intelligence dashboard:

  • User Experience - access your dashboard in any browser and look at insightful graphs and charts
  • Security - the dashboard comes with a pre-installed firewall
  • Data Management - collect real-time data from an unlimited number of data sources
  • Customisation - choose from over 25 designs and view your dashboard the way you like it

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