Valo Digital Workplace

Customised IT solutions to keep your operations productive and secure no matter where your teams are

Efficient, cloud-based collaboration tools are what you need to maintain an efficient mobile workforce, high service quality and a healthy bottom line.

Anytime, anywhere operations are becoming the new business norm. With the right set of IT solutions for your digital workplace, you’ll enjoy more than increased flexibility. Productivity, data security, collaboration, IT visibility and more will also be improved while you save big on hardware maintenance and physical office expenses.

Total Calibration’s feature-rich Valo Intranet will help you do just that. Highly customisable and built to support Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint, Valo delivers intuitive dashboards and a bundle of tools for communication, ideation as well as external communication and user access management.

Total Calibration can seamlessly implement and configure these intuitive, user-friendly solutions from Valo to support the specific needs of your digital workplace for a fixed monthly fee.

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