Valo Intranet

Enhance communication with fast, secure, and easy-to-use intranet

In an age where everything is remote and mobile, connection and communication is your key to success.

With agility becoming the new secret sauce to success, more companies are embracing mobile working. However, sometimes it’s difficult to keep an entire organisation on the same page. Valo Intranet is built to help businesses solve this problem by keeping all company documents, news, and information on one centralised platform.

Valo Intranet promises a simple, modern interface that team members can access through Teams, then react or reply to company posts, or easily create their own content. It’s fully compatible with both PC and Mac, works on cloud and on premises, and can also integrate with third-party platforms.

Total Calibration will help configure and manage your company’s very own Valo Intranet so that it’s everything your teams need it to be, without the hassles of maintenance.

Valo Intranet also comes with:

  • Single sign-on, because accessibility can come hand in hand with security
  • User-friendly navigation to help you find exactly what you are searching for
  • Link bookmarking feature so you can get to your favorite pages quickly
  • Valo Digital Workplace mobile app for both iOS and Android users

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