Effortlessly connect Outlook email to Office 365 to improve collaboration, productivity, and record management

It takes under 3 minutes to download, install, and start using OnePlaceMail.

OnePlaceMail brings the power of SharePoint for information capture and management into Outlook rather than forcing people to move away from their familiar workplace tool. It takes advantage of Microsoft's Office UI fabric so that the solution looks and feels like Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to remain productive with their regular workflow.

A single click or tap within Outlook allows users to send the email, or any attachments from Office 365 to SharePoint. Likewise, files that are stored in SharePoint are also made accessible from Outlook, allowing people to seamlessly share content quickly and easily.

OnePlace Solutions has created an Outlook add-in with a fast load time of under a second, so users aren’t kept waiting.

Benefits of OnePlaceMail:

  • Work remotely using any internet-enabled device
  • Reduce compliance and records management risk through better email management
  • Preview emails and documents stored in SharePoint / Office 365 from Microsoft Outlook
  • Quickly access SharePoint content with productivity actions such as Insert as Link, Insert as Attachment

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