Sales Automation

Use Dynamics 365 to automate anything, from leads qualification to quotes preparation to pipeline management

On average, sales reps spend 64% of their time on non-sales tasks.

If you’ve ever lost a deal because you forgot to follow up, wasted hours deciding upon a meeting time with a prospect, or spent much of your workday inputting leads into your CRM system, then Total Calibration’s solution is for you. Our sales automation software eliminates manual tasks, improves accuracy, saves time, and accelerates your sales process.

We do this using Dynamics 365 for Sales, a cloud-based ERP and CRM system built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility. Besides installing and integrating the platform to your network, our experts will proactively monitor, secure, and update Dynamics so your sales process is never interrupted by bugs or errors.


Automate the following tasks with our sales software:

  • Lead prospecting, enrichment, and rotation
  • Sales email automation
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Contact and deal creation

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