Information Management & Governance

Safely and quickly migrate to SharePoint or get an expert to fix problems in your SharePoint environment

26% of firms spend a day a week tracking and analysing regulatory change.

If you’re looking to move to SharePoint, or have already made the move but are unsatisfied with it, then Total Calibration can help. We’ve worked extensively with SharePoint since its inception and our experts can ensure seamless migration and fix existing problems through an in-depth assessment of your current setup.

Once we’ve assessed your network, we’ll install and implement our custom program that automates, secures, and optimises your move to SharePoint, allowing you to get back to business quickly. If you’re already operating with SharePoint, we’ll hand you a business-specific information and governance plan that fixes all existing errors and keeps you compliant with industry regulations.

All assessments, planning, and migrations are conducted by certified engineers with decades of experience.

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