Effectively upskill your workforce with a modern, dynamic eLearning library with an extensive range of courses from world-class training providers

Future-proof your organisation with an upskilling platform that simply works

With the business world evolving at record speed, it’s essential to keep your team members equipped with the relevant hard and soft skills they need to deliver great work. Upskilling not only drives your growth, but it also helps you retain top talent by continuously adding value to their career, and sometimes to their personal lives as well.

But the main challenges of employee training have always been varying learning preferences, lack of engagement, and the sky-high costs. And that’s where Go1 by Total Calibration, a simple, reliable, and engaging eLearning library can help.

Go1 Content Hub

Over 100,000 digital learning resources on business, tech, personal development, and more

The Go1 Content Hub brings training courses from over 200 providers across the globe to each and every one of your team members, at all levels. It’s available on many existing business tools including Microsoft Teams and other Learning Management Systems (LMS). The content ranges from Accounting and Finance to Digital Marketing to Crisis Management to Gaming and Games Development to Health and Well-Being, and so much more.

With a single subscription, your staff will be able to access unlimited courses anytime and create personalised training playlists for maximum learning effectiveness. You’ll also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you create learning initiatives, curate the right content, and make the most out of the Go1 Content Hub.

Go1 Platform

A simple, intuitive, SCORM-compliant solution for your existing content

If your HR is looking for the right place to store your organisation’s existing training resources, Go1 Platform is the answer. Thanks to its easy compatibility with a wide range of resource types including SCORM, xAPI, PDF, Audio, Video, MS Office files, and more, Go1 Platform promises a seamless content uploading experience for even non-tech-savvy users.

Content uploading is possible with any learning authoring tool, and in case you don’t have one, Go1 Platform also comes with easy-to-use course creation tool, reporting, built-in assessment, and 24-hour support.

Go1 x Lanteria

Take your staff’s training to the next level by integrating a powerful eLearning library with next-gen HR software

Go1 Content Hub is available on hundreds of existing systems including Lanteria, a collaborative and customisable HR app based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. By integrating the two platforms, you can access over 70,000 premium training materials and bulk import selected content to your employee learning catalogue.

Targeted solutions for specific needs

Small businesses and startups

Set your teams up for success with a wealth of quality training courses, a course creation tool, learner achievement tracking, quiz functionality, and 24/7 support from Go1 for an affordable subscription fee.


Leverage your existing training solutions with Go1 Content Hub’s world-class resources using simple APIs. With seamless implementation and data transfer, you can truly take your workforce upskilling to the next level.


In addition to boosting training efficiency across the departments, Go1 also helps governmental organisations tackle social challenges by levelling the playing fields for small businesses or providing those in need with quality, cost-efficient training courses.

Need Go1 for your modern workforce? Let Total Calibration deploy and integrate everything
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