Document Management

Software that captures, stores, and archives documents so you can focus on improving business processes

Employees spend an average of 18 minutes locating a single document.

Transition from paper to paperless with our digital Document Management Solution (DMS) and eliminate costly file cabinets, reclaim office space, and organise files from multiple resources in a unified system.

Total Calibration’s DMS stores your data in a private cloud, which means it’s not accessible by anyone except you and your employees. It also deletes duplicate files, has a built-in search function, and an audit function that displays every action on every document.

Easily restrict access to confidential folders and documents, using our DMS’ password protection feature.

Benefits of our DMS solution:

  • Save paper and storage space - by digitising all paper documents
  • Locate content quickly - search for documents using keywords, names, or other information
  • Collaborate seamlessly - all your files will be stored in one central location
  • Encrypt specific text - black out selected document text to keep it from being read by unauthorised users

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