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St Luke’s Care

St Luke’s Care was looking to begin its digital transformation with a self-service intranet that would improve internal communications and access to key information.

  • Industry: Not-for-profit health care organisation
  • Country: Australia
  • Company Size: 500 – 1,000

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Starting Point

Staff at Sydney-based St Luke’s Care were almost entirely reliant on meetings and print outs for their internal communications and information sharing. There was also a disconnect between information available to desk-based staff and those on the front line.

The not-for-profit organisation was looking to start its digital transformation journey with an intranet that would remove this disconnect, improving internal communications and access to information for all employees.

The organisation was also keen to achieve this in a user-friendly way that wouldn’t require a lot of training or input from IT, creating a self-service intranet for both content creators and users.

The Total Calibration Solution

Total Calibration recommended Valo Intranet because its user-friendly interface, built on top of SharePoint, would offer the self-service intranet that St Luke’s Care was looking for. The Valo Mobile app would also allow frontline staff easy, instant access to information and updates.

Plus, as a not-for-profit organisation, St Luke’s Care (SLC) was eligible for Valo’s discount pricing, which made Valo Intranet very affordable.

Self-service intranet puts content in the hands of the creators

Although the IT department at St Luke’s Care was keen to use SharePoint as a basis for their intranet, they were concerned: they wanted to be sure that the user interface would be clear and easy-to-use and that each department had autonomy over their content creation.

Centralised news and information for easy access

Previously, internal communications and policy documents had been largely paper-based. So one of the key objectives for St Luke’s Care was to create a central place for company news, updates and policies that could be accessed by all employees.

Repairing the information disconnect with Valo Mobile app

One of the key reasons why the team at St Luke’s Care chose Valo Intranet was the Valo Mobile app. The hospital has a diverse range of employees, from desk-based managerial and administrative staff with access to ICT, to frontline workers, including clinical and catering staff, without such access.

Other Key Benefits Included:

  • Fresh on-brand look and feel
  • Built on SharePoint and compatible with Microsoft 365 collaboration suite
  • Easy-to-use self-service intranet
  • Centralised access to news and information
  • Valo’s charity pricing for non-profits
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