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Invacare Case Study

Invacare is an NYSE-listed international leader in the healthcare industry, offering medical products and services in over 80 countries. They specialise in designing, manufacturing, and distributing home healthcare products, such as motorised wheelchairs, nursing beds, oxygen concentrators, and more.

The Challenge

While Invacare had existing systems intended to support their HR goals, these disparate programs did not interact with one another. With employee and applicant data spread across multiple systems, there was no link connecting applicant tracking and recruitment data to onboarding data. Disconnected data created arduous manual processes that stalled HR activities, caused a poor experience for prospective hires, and frustrated existing HR team members.

Without a fully integrated system in place, the Invacare team did not have extra time to focus on building out the other HR services they needed, such as a learning and development platform or an employee help desk.

Invacare wanted a comprehensive, customised HRIS system to streamline their hiring processes. They also required a rapid deployment of their new system to provide immediate benefits, along with the ability to continue building out their HR automation as needed.

The Total Calibration Solution

Our experienced consultants could see what a substantial difference Lanteria Human Resource Software would make for an organisation like Invacare. Creating streamlined processes that integrated seamlessly into the SharePoint platform was the ideal plan to simplify Invacare’s HR processes.

The Total Calibration team held interviews with key Invacare stakeholders to form a deep understanding of their HR challenges. We quickly discovered that not only did Invacare need help improving their current hiring procedures but they also wanted a modular solution that would enable them to continue expanding their HR capabilities.

Lanteria HR software was a great fit because the Total Calibration team was able to introduce new components to the HRIS system piece by piece.

Our team designed impactful, automated workflows that allow new hires to transition from the recruitment stage to the onboarding stage seamlessly. We also integrated existing employee data into a single Sharepoint database. Once we completed these initial steps, we quickly trained the Invacare team to use their new processes, allowing them to immediately see implementation results.

“The rapid deployment sought and achieved provided immediate benefit to Invacare by bringing data and processes into one application,” said Invacare’s HR Business Partner, David Cotter. “The Total Calibration team is responsive and personable, have strong product knowledge, and are willing to look for solutions within the product to suit Invacare as a customer. Invacare is now working with TC beyond the scope of the initial deployment to get further efficiencies.”

The newly integrated hiring workflow substantially reduced the number of manual HR administrative tasks. New, simplified processes opened the door for Invacare stakeholders to consider an updated, more effective HR structure within their organisation.
Total Calibration’s rapid deployment garnered immediate benefits for the Invacare team, inspiring the team to move forward with implementing additional automation, beyond the original project plan.
Now, all Invacare employee data is easily searchable and accessible within a single SharePoint database. This protects employee information and simplifies most HR tasks.

Other Key Benefits Included:

  • Improved user experience for Invacare job applicants
  • Increased employee satisfaction from automated workflows
  • Reduced need for additional HR team members, resulting in lower costs

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