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Business challenges that Azure helps solve

There are many cloud computing solutions to choose from, and one size rarely fits all. One popular cloud-computing platform is Microsoft’s Azure, an array of integrated cloud solutions that include infrastructure and application services that can help your organisation overcome business challenges.

Ways a human resources management system improves your company culture

The benefits of a positive work culture cannot be overstated. When employees are more engaged and motivated, they’re more productive. There are countless ways to engage and motivate employees — most of which are made easier by technology.

One such tool is a human resources management system (HRMS), a powerful software platform that integrates all the tools and processes used by HR professionals.

Why your phone has slow internet speed

Fed up with your smartphone because of its slow internet speed? Before you rush off to the nearest electronics store to buy a new one, take a look at these four possible reasons why your phone’s internet connection is slow. Router location One simple yet overlooked reason why your Wi-Fi-connected phone may be experiencing internet […]

Let Office 365 help you save the date

Office 365 receives updates so often that they’re hard to track. But the software suite’s basic calendar functions will always be among the most popular. If you’d like to let people outside of your organization see your calendar, all it takes is a few clicks. Share an Office 365 calendar with specific people Click the […]

Is your business prepared for hurricanes?

In 2018, eight hurricanes left a trail of devastation that destroyed homes and businesses. Things aren’t looking bright in 2019, as experts have warned that major hurricanes will likely occur this year, too. Businesses looking to avoid the effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma from years past must build a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan […]

9 Cybersecurity terms you need to know

If you just called a malware a “virus,” then you are definitely being left behind in digital talk. Knowing a few IT things here and there not only enables you to have some rapport with your tech-savvy colleagues, but it also helps you have a better understanding of some basic IT know-how. Read on to […]

Is it time for your company to use an HRMS?

Managing a workforce involves several responsibilities, ranging from recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, performance management, learning management plus time and attendance. Taking care of each separately is counterproductive and not cost-effective. A human resource management system (HRMS) is a software platform that integrates all the tools and processes used by HR professionals to get all of these tasks done in a more effortless system.

Choose the best Office 365 plan

Collaboration, file sharing, and data management are made easier with Office 365. You can use its apps anytime, anywhere, and on any device, but do you really need all the features of the fully fledged subscription plan, or is a smaller package a better fit for your business? We’ve provided a list of the different […]

Must-have tech tools for improving HR management

Without the aid of digital technology, human resource (HR) management is chock-full of overwhelming tasks, from having to organise data coming from different silos to juggling different HR functions essential to the company.

However, technology has made HR responsibilities such as recruitment, payroll and performance evaluation more manageable and efficient.

Boost online security with browser extensions

In these times of internet fraud, phishing scams, and high-profile hacks, you can never be too careful. Even if you think you have enough precautions in place, it always helps to take another look at your online safety. Here are some browser extensions you can add to improve your online security. Prevent browser tracking If […]

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