Is Microsoft Azure right for your business? 3 Important points to consider

The cloud has gone from relative obscurity to becoming the new normal in business computing infrastructure within a decade. Microsoft Azure is one of the three biggest cloud providers, the others being Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Each has their pros and cons, with Azure offering one of the most flexible options for adapting to constantly changing needs in today’s market.

What is a web host?

Businesses need to have an online presence these days, and that usually starts with having a website. But to access your website on the internet, you need to partner with a web host. This blog post breaks down the basics of a web host and the two most common types of hosting.

Business challenges that Azure helps solve

There are many cloud computing solutions to choose from, and one size rarely fits all. One popular cloud-computing platform is Microsoft’s Azure, an array of integrated cloud solutions that include infrastructure and application services that can help your organisation overcome business challenges.

Total Calibration & Nintex help top organisations improve productivity

Executives from Total Calibration and Built will share how they successfully manage, automate and optimise their business processes at the Nintex World Tour in Sydney on Oct. 16, 2018  

The one-day conference will showcase how Australian private sector financial services organisations and a leading construction company are digitally transforming operations with process management and automation solutions from Nintex

Process management and IT leaders will share how Nintex and Promapp helped their organisations manage, automate and optimise their most sophisticated business processes, including:

Built, one of Australia's largest private construction groups needed to automate and control the issuance of security bonds required for its construction projects.

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