How Technology Elevates The Human-Centric Element And Boosts Employee Performance

Imagine an alternative scenario in which the COVID-19 pandemic happened in a time before we had the internet. Spending days in a lockdown and tied up to our homes would have been significantly harder. 

Without the advanced technology we have today, we would have been completely isolated, cut off from the world and forced to find different ways.

Total Calibration & Nintex help top organisations improve productivity

Executives from Total Calibration and Built will share how they successfully manage, automate and optimise their business processes at the Nintex World Tour in Sydney on Oct. 16, 2018  

The one-day conference will showcase how Australian private sector financial services organisations and a leading construction company are digitally transforming operations with process management and automation solutions from Nintex

Process management and IT leaders will share how Nintex and Promapp helped their organisations manage, automate and optimise their most sophisticated business processes, including:

Built, one of Australia's largest private construction groups needed to automate and control the issuance of security bonds required for its construction projects.

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