The benefits of having company-wide intranet

While every business recognizes the value of the internet, relatively few have thought about having their own private intranet network that’s only accessible to the organization’s employees. Similar to the internet, intranets feature things like search engines, social networks, blogs, and other resources.

Things your intranet should do

Don’t let any website tell you what intranet features you need. There is really no one-size-fits-all solution. The bottom line is, your company and its requirements are unique and you need a conversation with a potential intranet provider to discuss which features are best for you.

5 Ways document management improves customer service

Your customers’ happiness is the foundation of your brand. As such, every customer interaction matters and your team needs to look at every email, chat message, or sales proposal as an opportunity to drive growth and success. One of the easiest ways to encourage this mindset is to implement technologies that minimise boring and tedious tasks that take away from your employees’ creative and critical thinking time.

Creating a more collaborative workplace using SharePoint

Paperless offices are now a reality and the rapid transition from physical documents to digital ones has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for Australian businesses. Understandably, taking the plunge and making the transition to a fully digitised document management system is enough to make even the bravest business owners anxious.

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