3 Excel tips that make life easier

Microsoft Excel is now better than ever, thanks to its extremely user-friendly features. Pull yourself up skillswise by following our three tips below.

Take advantage of Ideas in Excel

If you’re not sure which type of chart best tells a particular story out of a table of data, don’t worry — Excel’s artificial intelligence has got your back.

Office 365 tools that improve work efficiency

Microsoft has come a long way from traditional productivity tools like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Today’s Microsoft Office 365 not only features improved versions of the tools countless companies have built their businesses upon, but also comes with a cloud-based suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications that enhance business operations and processes.

How Microsoft Teams is changing the way Office 365 users do business

Mobile technology and ubiquitous internet connectivity have transformed the way we make a living, allowing most of us to work from anywhere using almost any internet-connected device. Small- and medium-sized businesses in suburbs like Edgecliff can finally enjoy productivity and efficiency that enable them to recruit talent from all over the world and compete with much larger firms.

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