Inclusion in the Workplace

Rehiring for key positions is an expensive inconvenience that most companies want to avoid: employee retention is far more preferable. But how do you stop your best people from quitting? Many experts point to DEI as the answer, but while discussions usually focus on Diversity and Equality, the third part of this equation, Inclusion, is most often the breaking point for an employee’s experience.

How Technology Elevates The Human-Centric Element And Boosts Employee Performance

Imagine an alternative scenario in which the COVID-19 pandemic happened in a time before we had the internet. Spending days in a lockdown and tied up to our homes would have been significantly harder. 

Without the advanced technology we have today, we would have been completely isolated, cut off from the world and forced to find different ways.

5 Tips on How to Implement Efficient Employee Learning and Development Programs

Talent development is one of the critical components of business success and longevity as it ensures its growth and sustainability. Companies with efficient employee learning programs have an invaluable asset that allows them to differentiate themselves, which is crucial in the post-pandemic era.

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