How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can enhance marketing performance

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can enhance marketing performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business application platform that combines customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), productivity applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to increase enterprise productivity.

Among its several solutions are campaign management and targeted, personalised marketing tools collectively known as Dynamics 365 for Marketing. These tools automate all marketing processes and empower your teams with the following capabilities:

1. Lead creation and nurturing

Generate more leads across multiple channels and nurture sales-ready leads with personalised experiences by:

  • Running multichannel campaigns such as email marketing, web landing pages, events, SMS integration, phone calls, and custom channels
  • Personalise the buyer experience through configurable templates, reusable content blocks, design tools, and Microsoft Stream videos
  • Target matched audiences, nurture leads, and create a buyer’s journey on LinkedIn
  • Simplify event management via an events portal with numerous capabilities
  • Personalise website visits with customised landing pages based on prospects’ attributes and past behaviour

2. Sales and marketing alignment

Prioritise leads, automate hand-off, and empower your sales team by:

  • Displaying a connected view of and one source of information on all contacts, leads, and customers
  • Use account-based marketing to close deals
  • Target accounts that are most likely to generate the best revenue
  • Track prospects throughout their journey and move prospects more efficiently through the marketing and sales funnel with automated workflows
  • Increase productivity through marketing calendars and Office 365 tools for collaboration

3. Smarter decisions

Embedded intelligence and analytics improve marketing ROI by:

  • Allowing teams to build custom dashboards for deeper analysis of marketing performance
  • Help target the right audience with dynamic segmentation, lead scoring models, and AI that identifies high-priority prospects
  • Contact high-priority prospects at the right time with smart scheduling
  • Improve social engagement with social posts and social, web, and market insights
  • Survey customers to better understand their needs

4. AI-driven market insights

Respond to trends faster with social and web insights that help you know what your audience is saying, seeking, and feeling.

5. An adaptable platform

Enhance your automated marketing capabilities with an application that’s easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use. Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows you to:

  • Easily adapt to your own needs through no-code visual editors and tools that accelerate time to market
  • Take advantage of the Microsoft cloud platform to reduce the cost and complexity of operating a global infrastructure
  • Safeguard your data in state-of-the-art data centers

Be prepared for challenges

Businesses today face complex marketing challenges, such as insufficient or poor-quality leads, the lack of sales visibility, and irrelevant lead nurturing strategies.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing addresses all of these challenges by helping marketing professionals get more qualified leads, engaging contacts with more personal and well-timed communication, achieving a higher conversion rate, gaining more insights into all marketing activities, and making predictions based on data.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing also connects seamlessly to other solutions within Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft applications. Your sales, marketing, and service departments will have the same information, giving you more insights into your marketing activities and enhancing customer visibility across departments.

Want to discover Dynamics 365 yourself? Dynamics 365 for Marketing is just one of the many powerful solutions of this platform. Leverage the advantages of this platform for your organisation. Total Calibration can help seamlessly integrate this platform into your systems and get you started. Contact us today.

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