What makes Lanteria stand out in human resource management?

What makes Lanteria stand out in human resource management?

With payroll being the single biggest expense in most companies, it’s critical to manage your HR department efficiently. Human resource management, or HRM, presents a strategic approach empowered by digital transformation or digital technology. It’s designed to save your HR department’s time, boost employee productivity, and help you find and nurture the best talent.

Lanteria is a leading HRM solution, a collaborative and customisable HR platform built for medium to large businesses using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. This cloud-hosted or on-premise software has features to streamline operational processes, eliminate the need for repetitive administrative tasks, and improve talent acquisition and retention.

#1. It covers the entire hiring process

Unlike basic solutions, Lanteria doesn’t leave HR managers in the dark from the moment a new employee joins the team. It’s designed to unify and automate the entire process from the very first interview to the moment the employee leaves the company.

It streamlines the recruiting process by providing real-time information on job openings, candidates, interviews, and onboarding. It also provides document management solutions and a central database for CVs and other information important to the hiring process, and it helps you track employment contracts from the beginning to the end of the tenure.

#2. It integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint

With a market share of almost 40%, Office 365 is the go-to productivity suite for businesses all over the world. That’s why Lanteria is tightly integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint to deliver a seamless user experience and excellent interoperability with other Microsoft products. Lanteria improves upon the generic functionality of SharePoint to ease collaboration between employees and managers, securely store important documents, and provide a personalised experience tailored for the specific needs of recruitment teams.

#3. It aligns with your brand vision

Not ready to move to the cloud yet? No problem — Lanteria delivers tailor-made solutions customised to your liking. While a cloud deployment is ideal for smaller organisations seeking to reduce in-house IT costs, an on-premises deployment will be easier to integrate with existing systems.

Companies will also be able to choose a solution that works for them by selecting which modules they need and the number of employees in their company. The pricing structure also reflects this, and you can receive a customised quote based on your specific requirements and business characteristics.

#4. It provides data-driven insights

In HR, data can drive smarter decision-making and help you improve the effectiveness of everything from your job ads to your hiring processes. Data analytics can also help you optimise employee turnover and attract and retain the best talent.

Lanteria’s administrative dashboard lets you set goals that align with your business strategy, track skills, and simplify the review process. By constantly collecting, collating, and visually presenting data, Lanteria helps the HR department adopt a culture of continuous improvement and maximise productivity levels at every stage of the recruitment cycle.

#5. It improves employee skills

Attracting the best talent is only the first step in a robust employment process. Lanteria doesn’t stop the moment you make a hire; it’s with you throughout the tenure of every employee. To that end, it features a powerful learning module for developing employees’ core competencies, managing certifications and ensuring compliance.

It lets you plan and deliver targeted training sessions, establish collaborative learning environments, and keep track of the knowledge and skills throughout your organisation. It even integrates with the LinkedIn Learning platform to deliver ready-made courses right into your training catalogue.

Total Calibration customises Lanteria HRIS to suit your unique business requirements, including migrating data from your old systems and even creating a new database from scratch. We’ll also maintain and upgrade the system for you so that you can focus on those who matter most — your employees. Call us today to learn more.

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