How HR departments can benefit from a DMS

How HR departments can benefit from a DMS

For decades, paper has been an everyday reality for HR departments. Handling employee onboarding, health benefits, training, government regulatory requirements and other day-to-day tasks floodHR staff member desks with documents, and the whole process is expensive if done manually. Document management systems (DMS) help you eliminate these costs.

By using a DMS, you can reducing overhead expenses and also save countless hours of your employees’ time. You may even be able to get rid of a few job roles and make your budget leaner. What’s more, a DMS also helps your business enjoy the following benefits.

Enhanced security of confidential information

In an all-paper office, keeping documents secure is a challenge. What if you accidently leave a sensitive file on the copier? What if a document containing a tax file number is left on an employee’s desk? What if a trespasser snoops around in your archiving facility? All of these concerns can be resolved by eliminating paper.

A DMS keeps your files secure, preventing unauthorised users from viewing them. If there is ever a security mishap, electronic tracking creates an audit trail that records when a document was accessed, by whom, and for what purpose. What’s more, a DMS can prevent documents from being modified without permission. That way, you and your HR team retain ultimate control of vital company records.

Time-efficient document access and retrieval system

Finding ways to save time has always been a key goal of HR departments and businesses in general, for that matter. Over the course of a year, hundreds of hours can be saved with a DMS that can access and retrieve documents at lightning speed . Instead of storing documents in an archiving facility or in filing cabinets, files are stored on secure servers where they can be accessed from HR staff members’ desks, at home, or on commutes. Documents can be securely accessed anywhere on Earth, from Brisbane to Bangkok to Berlin.

In fact, HR can be removed completely from the equation in some instances. Instead of requesting admins to retrieve payslips, handbooks, evaluations and similar documents, employees can do so on their own with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Simpler and streamlined processes

Dealing with paper can be a headache for HR. It can be time-consuming and stressful if an important document is lost. With a DMS, these frustrations disappear instantly, and your staff members’ time can instead be used for higher-value tasks, like ensuring your company complies with government regulations or designing programs to boost employee retention.

Additionally, a DMS enables all staff to access files on the go and even work remotely, creating a more flexible environment that can be productive beyond the confines of your office walls.

Essentially, a DMS simplifies business processes, eliminates tasks, and frees up employees’ time, so they can work on the things that matter. The daily headaches and frustrations of dealing with paper are replaced with a more focused, happier team that can conquer the day’s challenges more efficiently.

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